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“Our vision and purpose is to raise a generation of children who grow, learn, dream and become fulfilled beyond all expectations safely and enable children to leave our school wiser, better, more fulfilled and with greater opportunities and choices in every area of their lives than previous generations.”

Windmill Lane, Raunds, Northants, NN9 6LA

Tel: 01933 623121

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Latest Blogs Straight from the Classroom

  • Sharing our Learning

    Over the last couple of weeks St Crispin class have had lots of opportunities to share their learning with the rest of the school community. We were great and showed super confidence performing our class assembly and the we had so much fun creating our own music at the Samba ... read more
    Source: Windmill – St CrispinPublished on 2018-03-16By bking

  • Lots of science
    On Monday we had Science Enquiry Day where we investigated forces.  We made our own space picture and made a rocket or Baby Bear move across the picture using magnetic tape and different magnets. We also made rocket mice and came up with some great ideas about how to make the mice ... read more
    Source: Windmill – BlacksPublished on 2018-03-16By eloasby

  • Samba workshop

    Last week was our marvelous middle. We were very lucky to be joined by a Samba workshop to explore the carnival of the animals through music. When we arrived in the hall there were lots of wonderful instruments to explore. We learned how to clap a rhythm by copying the ... read more
    Source: Windmill – ChambersPublished on 2018-03-16By kcatling

  • Brilliant band visits Windmill
    We have had another brilliant week here in Coggins! An amazing band from Manor School came to perform at windmill. They played some amazing songs for us and played some of there own which was  fantastic (but a little noisy)! Kyra enjoyed subtracting fractions in maths this week. Emily thought ... read more
    Source: Windmill – CogginsPublished on 2018-03-16By cbrightwell

  • Science and so much more

    Lemon volcanoes,drawing Mrs.H,sewing on the sewing machine and painting faces. ... read more
    Source: Windmill – Wraparound Care BlogPublished on 2018-03-14By ltaylor

  • Super Scientists

    Today was Science Enquiry Day and our science hero of the day was Charles Darwin. We found out that he had a passion for nature and loved to ask questions about plants and animals. We started thinking about how animals protect themselves from being eaten and tested which colour camouflages ... read more
    Source: Windmill – ClarksPublished on 2018-03-12By jmawby

  • Science Enquiry Day – World Record Attempt!

    Today we have been completing learning from all over the world! Counting calories for Antarctic explorers, creating machines to transport tomatoes in Nepal, programming submarines in the Pacific and building world record breaking bridges! In this task the children had 3 minutes to smash a Guinness World Record! To do ... read more
    Source: Windmill – NicholsPublished on 2018-03-12By ageorge

  • Science Enquiry Day

    Our theme for Science Enquiry day this term was exploration and discovery. We have explored lots of different aspects of Science. We focused on the following enquiry types: Investigating models/making things and also exploring. This afternoon we had to invent a system for getting tomatoes from the top of a ... read more
    Source: Windmill – LawrencePublished on 2018-03-12By nbashford

  • Our Science Enquiry Day

    We have had a day full of exploring, investigating and making. Our first task involved making a basket and some sort of vehicle or way of transporting cherry tomatoes from the top of a mountain to the bottom in order to be sold at a market. We had great fun ... read more
    Source: Windmill – SandersPublished on 2018-03-12By names

  • Science Enquiry Day

    Wellington Class have enjoyed being scientists today! Inspired by our scientist hero Charles Darwin, we went on a worm hunt to investigate what the best colour would be for a worm to stay camouflaged and hidden aways from it’s predators. Our scientists showed great curosuity throughout our experiments and had ... read more
    Source: Windmill – WellingtonPublished on 2018-03-12By sclent

  • Groovy Gravestock’s Wonderful Week
    Silas: I enjoyed maths because I liked how we learnt new methods. Ben W: I’m pleased with my courage for swimming as I overcame my fear. Cary’s: I really enjoyed swimming and learning the mushroom float. Aimee: Although I don’t always enjoy innovation, I am proud of my ... read more
    Source: Windmill – GravestockPublished on 2018-03-11By mcoleman

  • Barbie Morning

    Wow! What a pink morning that was with a special guest a look a like Barbie came for breakfast.Pink wands,pink icing,pink slime and a pink ballerina. ... read more
    Source: Windmill – Wraparound Care BlogPublished on 2018-03-10By ltaylor