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“Our vision and purpose is to raise a generation of children who grow, learn, dream and become fulfilled beyond all expectations safely and enable children to leave our school wiser, better, more fulfilled and with greater opportunities and choices in every area of their lives than previous generations.”

Windmill Lane, Raunds, Northants, NN9 6LA

Tel: 01933 623121

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Latest Blogs Straight from the Classroom

  • Odd Socks Day!

    What better way to kickstart Anti bulling Week, than by participating in Odd Socks Day! Not only did we get to show off our awesome selection of socks, but were able to discuss all of the excellent ways that we can make a positive impact on people. Be kind. Be ... read more
    Source: Windmill – GravestockPublished on 2018-11-12By kmiller

  • Another busy week lined up everyone
    Hi Everyone, What a wonderful end to the week with our WWI commemorations. I was so impressed with how respectful everyone was and how much you know about life in the trenches for the soldiers who fought. You should all be very proud of yourselves, it was very impressive learning. ... read more
    Source: Windmill – KnightonPublished on 2018-11-11By jcox

  • Christmas Window

    CHRISTMAS !!!!!! ... read more
    Source: Windmill – Wraparound Care BlogPublished on 2018-11-08By ltaylor

  • Text map for conquering the monster tale

    Hi Sanders, here is the text map for conquering the monster tale! ... read more
    Source: Windmill – SandersPublished on 2018-11-05By mbacro

  • Well that certainly was a WOW week
    Hi Everyone, What a week we had. Wasn’t the Planetarium awesome. How great was that to see all of the stars right in front of us. What can you remember about the different constellations? This week our Out of this World theme really gets going. In English we’re going to ... read more
    Source: Windmill – KnightonPublished on 2018-11-04By jcox

  • Cinquains
    Cameron enjoyed using our new Power Maths books – so did the rest of Horrell! Poppy has loved spending her “best Halloween ever” with all her new friends at school. Lilly enjoyed the English Wow Day when she got to learn about cinquains – do you know how to pronounce ... read more
    Source: Windmill – HorrellPublished on 2018-11-02By cbrightwell

  • Science WOW day!

    What another fantastic WOW day we had on Wednesday  in Sanders class! The children became scientists for the day and designed a Rube Goldberg machine. Resilience, unity and team work drive the children to success. ... read more
    Source: Windmill – SandersPublished on 2018-11-02By mbacro

  • First week back
    The children have had a great first week back and have really enjoyed learning the story of The Little Red Hen. We made some lovely hedgehog rolls – I hope they were as delicious as they looked! We also watched a video about going to the post office and the ... read more
    Source: Windmill – BlacksPublished on 2018-11-02By eloasby

  • Strange things have been happening at Windmill

    Hi Everyone, What an eventful first day back! A visitation from outer space, now that’s what I call a great start to the term. Having received a phone call from a local resident, the fire brigade turned up at school today to investigate an unusual crater that appeared in our ... read more
    Source: Windmill – KnightonPublished on 2018-10-30By jcox

  • End of term!
    Wow where has our first term gone?  Already we have learnt lots about number and we can retell the story of Baby Mouse. Next term we are learning the story of The Little Red Hen. We shared this with you during our Sneaky Peak! Thank you to those of you ... read more
    Source: Windmill – AdamsPublished on 2018-10-19By dfrost

  • Fabulous Finale
    Fab Finale Hope thought the Fab Finale was really fun, particularly making the Guys out of old clothes and newspapers. Luella enjoyed decorating firework biscuits and getting very sticky and messy! Cameron enjoyed eating his chocolate apple as it had very thick chocolate on it! Georgia showed unity by grating ... read more
    Source: Windmill – HorrellPublished on 2018-10-19By cbrightwell

  • Messy play

    Cornflour,shaving foam,sand and water.What a great way to end this term. ... read more
    Source: Windmill – Wraparound Care BlogPublished on 2018-10-19By ltaylor