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“Our vision and purpose is to raise a generation of children who grow, learn, dream and become fulfilled beyond all expectations safely and enable children to leave our school wiser, better, more fulfilled and with greater opportunities and choices in every area of their lives than previous generations.”

Windmill Lane, Raunds, Northants, NN9 6LA

Tel: 01933 623121

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Latest Blogs Straight from the Classroom

    Hi Everyone, Welcome to Knighton’s blog. I can’t tell you how excited I am to be working with you this year. Here is your first challenge; this is the WAGOLL for this term. Remember you need to learn that first paragraph. Good luck! Alice-in-Wonderland (1) ... read more
    Source: Windmill – KnightonPublished on 2019-09-10By jcox

  • Untitled
    Felicity is really proud of how hard she is working at the moment. She is really focused particularly with her Maths and her English work. We all enjoyed our independent learning time today and everyone really tried their best. Hollie learnt about tenths and hundredths this week and now feels ... read more
    Source: Windmill – HorrellPublished on 2019-05-03By cbrightwell

  • We have another fabulous week in store
    Hi Everyone, What a great week we had last week. You guys are working so hard and I couldn’t be more proud of you. In Science this week we are going to be looking at vegetative propagation or how plants are able to create new plants without needing to have ... read more
    Source: Windmill – KnightonPublished on 2019-04-28By jcox

  • Trip Advice on Narnia
    Charlotte has enjoyed working in a group to create a Trip Advisor report on Mr Tumnus’ cafe. Will , Luella and hope enjoyed sketching Aslan, and they used various shading techniques such as hatching and cross hatching. Leah had fun creating her own map of Narnia and included some great ... read more
    Source: Windmill – HorrellPublished on 2019-03-29By cbrightwell

  • Fraction Frenzy
    Finley has learnt how to add fractions with the same  denominators  and we have thought about how to add fractions with different denominators. Will has enjoyed learning how to write a conquering the monster tale and the whole class have all been finding different ways to start our  sentences. Ameilia has ... read more
    Source: Windmill – HorrellPublished on 2019-03-22By cbrightwell

  • Whatever Next!

    This term we have been learning the story of Whatever Next! along with our theme Wherever Next! As we have been learning about space Corey made an amazing solar system as part of his homework!!! ... read more
    Source: Windmill – AdamsPublished on 2019-03-15By dfrost

  • World Book Day

    This week Horrell have been super busy! We have been involved in World Book Day taking part in a variety of different activities. We really enjoyed STOP, DROP and READ. This week Horrell have been learning about equivalent fractions and although this have been a difficult concept at first, we ... read more
    Source: Windmill – HorrellPublished on 2019-03-08By cbrightwell

  • World Book Day
    Yesterday was World Book Day. In Chambers class we all brought in a prop from our favourite stories to celebrate World Book Day. Tilly brought in a Hare from the story ‘Guess how much I love you’. Evie brought in all of the props for ‘Room on a broom’ including ... read more
    Source: Windmill – ChambersPublished on 2019-03-08By kcatling

  • What’s on next week?
    Hi Everyone, I hope you enjoyed the start of our Awesome Authors theme. I can’t wait to share my love of Shakespeare and get everyone taking on the different roles in Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Tempest. In Maths we’re going to be working on area and perimeter. Make sure ... read more
    Source: Windmill – KnightonPublished on 2019-03-03By jcox

  • ‘What’s inside Horrell’s Classroom?’

    Horrell have had a brilliant week beginning their new topic Awesome Authors focusing on CS Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe novel. During DT lessons the children have been designing their own packaging for Turkish Delights (Chapter 5) in which they have chosen specific colours to appeal to ... read more
    Source: Windmill – HorrellPublished on 2019-03-01By cbrightwell

  • Marvellous Model Mountains

    For one of our WOW days, we designed and made model mountains. We first learned about various mountain ranges our fascinating  world. We then discussed as a team how we could design and make our very own  mountain – what type of mountains? What colours could we use? We showed unity and ... read more
    Source: Windmill – SandersPublished on 2019-02-28By mbacro

  • Fabulous Fun in the Final Week of Term
    This week Horrell have been super busy rehearsing for their pantomime in preparation for their two evening performances. We have been working really hard to make sure we project our voices so our audience can hear us and perform our characters with great expression. We have really enjoyed performing to ... read more
    Source: Windmill – HorrellPublished on 2019-02-15By cbrightwell


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