Government Releases Details of Grenfell Tower Residents’ Discretionary Fund

Further details of how the £5 million emergency Grenfell Tower Residents’ Discretionary Fund will be distributed, has been confirmed by the Prime Minister. Every household whose home has been destroyed as a result of the fire will receive a guaranteed £5,500 minimum down payment from the fund. This will be made … Continue reading

New Hand Luggage Ban for Electronic Devices on Flights from Middle East Countries

Large phones, laptops and tablets not allowed in the cabin on flights to the UK from Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Tunisia. On Tuesday 21 March the government announced new aviation security measures on all inbound direct flights to the UK from the following countries: Turkey Lebanon Jordan Egypt … Continue reading

UK Families Will Soon See Bills Cut as Date Announced for the Launch of Tax-Free Childcare

Launch of new Childcare Choices website means parents now able to find available government support. Millions of parents can pre-register from today for the government’s new childcare offers, with the launch of a new Childcare Choices government website. The introduction of the government’s Tax-Free Childcare scheme will begin on 28 April, … Continue reading

Motorists driving to France this Easter urged to order new emissions stickers as soon as possible

The RAC is urging UK motorists driving to Paris, Lyon and Grenoble this Easter to order recently introduced vehicle emissions stickers as soon as possible after it took six weeks for one to reach the UK. The Crit’Air scheme, which was brought into force in January by the French authorities … Continue reading

Government Commits to Helping Survivors of Domestic Abuse

Survivors of domestic abuse will soon find it easier to register to vote anonymously under new plans announced today. Chris Skidmore, Minister for the Constitution, has published a range of proposals that will make the anonymous registration scheme in England and Wales more accessible to those escaping domestic abuse, and ensure … Continue reading