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Town Voice is funded independently with costs supplemented through the use of site adverts.

We would be grateful for any contributions from local business’ or residents to donate to our ‘Community Donations’ pot.

Any donations made are ring-fenced towards the development/run costs of this site. Any surplus shall be donated to local causes within Raunds with details published on our site.

Current site running costs:

  • Domains: £16.80 per year
  • Hosting:  £13.39 per month

Whilst, it is the intent that Town Voice becomes a trusted local community charity / non-profit organisation that can assist with fundraising, please note that Town Voice is not currently a registered charity or organisation.

Donations Received with Thanks:

21st March 2017: £5 from Rach Keech

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About Mike Turner (Admin)

Mike has lived in Raunds since 2008. A graduate from The University of Greenwich in Computer Science; he wanted to bring more technology to use for the community and to interact so he created Town Voice in 2014.
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