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Calden Candles was launched in October 2015, by stay at home mum, Steph Bayley.

Working from home, was the obvious choice for this Mum of one, who loves making and using melts, candles and all things (nicely) smelly!

At Calden Candles, we hand make highly fragranced wax melts, wax boxes and tealight candles.

The wax melts come in various shapes and sizes to suit different tastes and requirements.  They can be used with wax melters that are either electric or use tealights.

My melts are made using 100% soy wax, which is a natural biodegradable and sustainable product.

I source my ingredients carefully, doing my best to purchase within the UK where appropriate.

All my products are CLP compliant, which means they conform to the latest EU legislation.

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