Raunds Town Council Close Parks

COVID-19 Guidance for using Parks and Open Spaces

Raunds Town Council’s are following Government advice on COVID-19 in relation to our parks and open spaces. We understand that these are vitally important to our community at this time for both our physical and mental health. We ask everybody that uses the open spaces to conform to the social distancing guidelines, as set out by the Government. We ask that you do not use any recreational equipment in any of our parks, including play and fitness apparatus.

  • Enjoy our open spaces, but stay 2 metres apart from each other (Approx 6 feet) and you should only go out once a day.
  • COVID-19 virus can be passed between people even if you are outside.
  • Unless absolutely necessary for key work or food essentials please stay at home and stay safe!

Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

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