County lines operation puts drug dealer behind bars

An operation which focuses on county lines in Kettering has successfully put a drug dealer behind bars for 32 months.

Jamal Robinson, 18, previously of Treetops, Northampton, was part of a county line gang operating out of Kettering. He was arrested on Friday, March 29, as part of Operation Serpent – the Force’s effort to tackle county lines in Kettering.

Robinson was found in possession of a large quantity of Class A drugs and in excess of £600 cash connected to drug supply. He was arrested and charged with drugs offences a short while later.

At Northampton Crown Court yesterday (Tuesday, April 30), he was sentenced to 32 months behind bars.

Detective Sergeant Alan Rooney, said: “Operation Serpent is dedicated to ridding Kettering of county lines gangs and I am pleased to see this sentence handed out to one of its drug dealers.

“County lines exploit the vulnerable – the drug dealer at the top takes none of the risks but all of the money while exploiting children and vulnerable adults who are the ones putting themselves in danger.

“Operation Serpent will continue to tackle these gangs in Kettering and we will not stop until we rid this town of the county lines and put the ones responsible behind bars.”

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