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We received the below content from Raunds resident, Stuart McDowell regarding his feelings on the way Raunds is being run. The content has been provided unedited below.

Dear Town Voice

I am addressing the Raunds Council on this page for all to read local, as it appears more people actually look at this page regarding Raunds than any other Raunds Page including the Councils.

So Raunds Council Perhaps you can address the following with out any excuses and actually do something rather than hold further local meetings to hear peoples voices and not actually do anything.

1. How many Hair Salons and Barbers do we need in Raunds High Street, please do not use the landlords as a excuse, this is becoming ridiculous for the high street.

2. A Gregs opens in the local Spar surely this is not looking after the Local Bakery in Raunds…and a clear sign of not supporting local business in Raunds through out…again please do not use the landlords as a excuse!

3. The Local Co-op …customers and staff jobs now reduced because we have allowed ASDA, and M&S which should be a Fuel Garage, again how does this support local business. Please do not use the landlords as a excuse!

4. You said that the new warehouse / Industrial parks would help provide a better High street and facilities in Raunds…what with a Gregs, and Band stand and so many hair salons!

5. I have learned the local gift shop on the high street has moved and the rumours is this will be replaced with another Vape Shop directly opposite the current local Vape shop…again where is the support of local business…please do not use the landlords as a excuse!

6. With the population now increased with new houses in Raunds why would you add a band stand in the market square reducing the already limited parking, which again affects the local business on the highstreet.

7. How many times do the people of Raunds who actually live in Rands tell you the council what we need to improve the high street with what we the residents need and to protect local businesses.

8. Why is it that all the Dog poo bins are always over filled for weeks on end and there are limited bins? But yet you are happy to place new stickers threading to fine the locals of £1000 fines. Surely to help with this situation is to provide more dog poo bins and have them emptied more regular.

10. When is the council going to make a actual stand with the local police against the local youths who threaten staff and customers who use the co-op. Perhaps street cameras would of been better than the fancy electronic LED notice board you now have outside the offices, I wonder how long that will be until the bored youths destroy that?!

11. With all the new Industrial units and businesses now appearing in Raunds Warehouse park, what improvements are we going to see as residents in Raunds as we were promised by the council when the people who live in Raunds objected to further development of the Warehouse park in Raunds, of which again we as residents were ignored?

12. When is Raunds and Stanwick Council going to address the parking situation in Stanwick lakes, when Visitors that are unable to park or to tight to pay for a space within the lakes, then in residential roads ofStanwick and Raunds, this is really getting out of hand and is becoming very dangerous for the residents.

Kind regards
Stuart McDowell

7 thoughts on “Voice of a Resident

  • 29th April 2019 at 3:14 pm

    I totally agree with everything that has been written above and I also add the parking on double yellow lines on hill street and Brooks Road are getting beyond ridiculous why do we not have parking wardens in the town surely the fines that would be produced would pay for a warden also we need speed controls on Mountbatten Way because one day a child will be killed or seriously hurt the way they speed up this road you go all round this country and you always see speed ramps or speed limit signs or even cameras we don’t have anything.

  • 29th April 2019 at 5:13 pm

    I agree with enough hair dressers and barbers.
    As for Pretty little things, it has not moved but closed down due to lack of support.
    Re Greggs and bakers we use both.
    Asda I do not use the parking is awful. M&S I have used twice, I always use the Co-op.
    As far as the parking in the shopping area I do believe with all the new property being built we are going to have to address those parking issues. Also at the Cottons medical centre something needs doing about their parking
    Now we have to order prescription every week the cars trying to get in and out on to a narrow road isn’t good at all.
    Sadly most of the problems are down to lack of funds.

  • 29th April 2019 at 7:51 pm

    I’d like to make issue about the 4 camera’s that are placed on the square opposite the George & dragon public house. A serious incident happened at the front of the pub, 2 men were seriously attacked, 1 of the men was rushed to hospital with a loss of memory. The police made some enquires to try and find out what actually happened, they were not able to find any footage as they couldn’t find out who is in control of these camera’s? Does anyone have any idea whom we need to contact please? The case has been closed due to lack of evidence. ? Thank you

    • 30th April 2019 at 9:11 am

      Kelly, the Police need to contact Raunds Town Council who own the CCTV and have access to the footage. I’m surprised they didn’t already know that as they are constantly in touch with the Council regarding the CCTV, so are fully aware of who owns it (it couldn’t be anybody but the Council). Maybe they were new, but certainly please tell them to contact the Council office.

  • 30th April 2019 at 7:33 am

    Agree with hairdressers and barbers and what feels to be a bit of lack of love for the high street. I love to be in Raunds but was sad to see no real presence and support for small business – greengrocers? Butchers? The bakery needs more support. I too was sad when Pretty Little Things closed and was appalled at another vape shop. I know people have to make a living, I’m not condemning the new owner. But we have one already. For a tiny village we don’t need 2!

    I have major road concerns including maintenance as well as parking. The pot hole at the bottom of Primrose Hill terrify me that one day it will take out my axle its getting that big.
    I’m happy to help and support fundraising or work to be done – if I knew what steps I could do to help

  • 30th April 2019 at 8:44 pm

    It’s good to have an opinion but unfortunately it comes down to the same old tune “Council has no money” for investment, especially to help private business. The only way to help businesses is to use them, more and more houses seems to be the councils answer but more facilities are needed too. #councilskint

  • 9th March 2020 at 10:32 am

    Totally in agreement with everything said. I’d add something needs to be done about the pot holes created/worsened by the large veichles going in and out of the various building sites. My cars suspension is shot from unavoidable pot holes


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