Car seized from criminals now used to catch them

A car seized from a drug-dealer in Wellingborough under DVLA Legislation is now part of Northamptonshire Police’s fleet of vehicles and is being used to disrupt criminals across the county.

The Vauxhall GTC was seized in early 2018 from a disqualified, uninsured driver with links to drug supply in the Queensway area of Wellingborough. It has now been fitted with ANPR technology, sirens and covert lighting and is being used by the Force’s AIM Team as part of the CIRV (Community Initiative to Reduce Violence) programme.

CIRV is a multi-agency project designed to reduce gang violence, not necessarily by locking gang members up, but by working with them to show them the consequences of the life they are choosing to lead and showing them an alternative pathway through mentoring, support, job opportunities and other change programs.

PC Oliver Charter, said: “The Vauxhall GTC we have seized is now being used by dedicated disruption police officers like myself to target the most prolific offenders and gang leaders who live and offend in Northamptonshire.

“Through joint working, the car will be used alongside other vehicles to intercept, seize and disrupt criminals and their families, making their current way of living as hostile as possible. The ultimate goal is to rehabilitate them and persuade ex-offenders to engage with us and get back into education or employment.

“This car is not only a valuable asset in getting criminals off our streets but it also provides us with a resource to visit young people at risk of getting involved in gang life and offering them the support and guidance they need to leave certain situations behind.

“This project to turn seized cars into police assets will continue and I look forward to seeing cars currently being used to commit crime turned into the very cars these criminals don’t want to see – those with a Northamptonshire Police badge on.”

If you, or someone you know, is in, or at risk of being in a gang – or if you are simply concerned about someone, please call CIRV’s 24/7 hotline on 07539 183975.

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