Vision for Raunds II Report

Raunds Town Council held a public meeting on 28th March which was attended by 25 residents, to discuss the key issues we have in Raunds for incorporation to the 2nd version of the Vision for Raunds.

The below is an extract of the Town Council report which summarises the background and highlights the threads that were raised.

1.0 Background

1.1 The Vision for Raunds

In 2013 Raunds Town Council supported the community in the preparation of a community plan. “The Vision for Raunds”. The plan saw questionnaires distributed to households, businesses and schools. The findings from this were presented in the community plan which was adopted by the Town Council in June 2014. The Vision for Raunds was later used to form the evidence base for the Raunds Neighbourhood Plan and later the Town Councils Business Plan. In December 2018 the council approved the development of a Vision for Raunds 2 community plan. A budget of £5,000 was set for the project and a working party was formed to develop the project plan.

2.0 Vision 2 Project Launch

The project was launched with the development of a flyer highlighting the projects that had been initiated by the original Vision. This was distributed to every household. A public meeting was held on 28th March attended by 25 residents. The format for the evening was as follows:

  • Mayor – Welcome and introductions
  • Cllr Wilkes- Vision I-outcomes and achievements
  • Clerk– Project plan and proposed timelines
  • Brainstorming exercise based on following themes
    • Housing
    • Transport and traffic
    • Community Safety
    • Environment
    • Health
    • Education
    • Facilities
    • Youth
    • Environment
    • Sustainability and green issues
    • Economy
    • Tourism
    • Other organisations
  • Next steps and close

3.0 Brainstorming Exercise

The brainstorming exercise highlighted a number of issues which need to be investigated as the questionnaire is developed:

Key threads included:

  • lack of banks in Raunds,
  • the future of the town centre,
  • parking (raised many times),
  • need for improved Bus services
  • need for traffic calming
  • medical services
  • car charging points
  • high speed broadband
  • litter
  • highways
  • street lighting
  • Dog Mess
  • Create Raunds in Bloom
  • Community gardens – growing veg etc
  • Encourage new residents to be part of community
  • Development of tourism
  • Engagement with young people
  • Encourage healthy lifestyles

4.0 Next Steps and Recommendations

  • A second public meeting is planned for 2nd May
  • The working party to meet to review comments from Brainstorming in more detail and to plan the next meeting.

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