Raunds Town Council Agree to £1800 Contribution to Cricket Club Fireworks

The full town council met on February 12th where they discussed the request from Raunds Town Cricket Club to support a fireworks event in 2019. Below are extracts from the draft minutes

Raunds Town Cricket Club had approached the council for support with the 2019 firework display.

The Cricket Club had presented their financial breakdown of the event to he Events Committee and Cllr Howell as Chairman of the Events Committee, elaborated thereon and reminded members that the Town Council had given use of Bassfords Recreation Ground free of charge, covered the costs of staffing, fencing and infrastructure, VAT and £1,500 towards the cost of the fireworks.

Without the support of the Town Council the event would not have raised funds for the cricket club.

Pitch Fees220Bar Costs520
First Response100
A & R Print195

[Table above shows the £3000 profit to the Cricket Club last year]

All agreed that the event had been very successful and well received by the Town.

It was felt that there was potential for the event to grow in future years and that it could be come a successful fundraising opportunity for the Cricket Club.

However, it was agreed that the Cricket Club would need some support at least for 2019, to ensure that the event could go ahead.

It was felt that the Cricket should be able to run the event independently as it became further established.

Following detailed discussion, it was….
a) The Town Council will order the fireworks for the Town, based on last year’s pricings this would be a cost of £3,000 + VAT, the Town Council would require a contribution of £1,500 from the Cricket Club towards the cost of this;
b) The Town Council will give the Cricket Club free use of Bassfords Recreation Ground for the Event;
c) The Town Council would ask that their support is recognised in all publicity material;
d) The Town Council will not provide additional paid staff or the cover the cost of fencing or infrastructure

Following the meeting of the Full Council, the Events Committee met on 26th February where the following update was recorded:

“Cllr Howell updated members to advise that the Town Council would be supporting the Firework display again in 2019, but that the support had been reduced as the Cricket Club worked towards the Firework Display being a self-funding and profitable event for them.

It was noted that Kimbolton Fireworks were no longer trading and alternative suppliers were being sourced”

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