Raunds Enterprise Centre Development Set to Commence This Month

Raunds Town Council have released the draft minutes of their Full Council meeting on the 12th February. One of the agenda items was related to an update regarding the Enterprise Centre, as recorded below.

“Cllr Greenwood-Smith introduced Greg Macdonald, Head of
Economic and Commercial development at East Northamptonshire
Council. Mr McDonald is the commercial officer dealing with the

Cllr Greenwood-Smith and Mr McDonald gave a presentation on the
future on the development of the Enterprise Centre.

The Enterprise centre is part of East Northamptonshire Councils plans to develop the local economy and upskill the area.

The building is of good design and will be a gateway building at the
entrance to Raunds.

Development will commence on March 2019 and the centre will open
in 2020. The centre will be developed over three floors with approximately 70 units, it will include office space, workshops, meeting spaces and a reception area.

The centre will be self-supporting, after the initial roll-out period.

It is expected to reach 90% capacity within 2-3 years.

Rents will be on market terms but with “easy-out” clauses”

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