Work starts on Northampton lighting improvements

Northampton Borough Council has started work on repairs and improvements to street lighting it is responsible for across the town.

During the past six months, the council’s street lighting stock has been fully assessed, catalogued and categorised by Thorn Electrical Ltd.

And work on repairs and improvements began with several lights at Cotton End, along the Northampton’s Southbridge parapets, one of the key gateways into the town centre.

Cllr Phil Larratt, Council deputy leader, said: “This important project will see improvements in the condition and efficiency of street lighting that we are responsible for.

“We are keen to introduce energy-efficient LED lighting and a crucial part of the project is to invest upfront for long-term savings.

“The lighting at Southbridge, that is a locally listed structure, has improved the environment of one of the town’s principal historic gateways, which is a fitting start to the improvement work we have planned.”

As part of the initial investigation, each lighting column was GPS plotted onto a map which will be added to the Borough Council’s app so faults can easily be reported.

This week the Council agreed capital funding of £750,000 in the coming financial year to continue progressing the lighting improvement work.

Lighting columns across the town should all now carry a sticker identifying whether they are managed by Northampton Borough Council or Northamptonshire County Council.

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