Raunds London Road Cemetery Water Supply Issues to be Tackled

Following complaints last Summer of a lack of water at the London Road Cemetery, Raunds Town Council have met to look at how to tackle the issue and prevent another occurrence this summer.

Raunds London Road Cemetery has had no active water supply for several years after it was turned off due to an undetectable leak leading to escalating water bills.

A rainwater harvesting system had subsequently been installed at the rear of the chapel, and is operated by a manual pump.

During the summer [2018] the Town Council received a number of complaints that the water tank had dried up due to the drought, the pump was inoperable and when in use foul smelling water was coming from the tank.

Town Council staff arranged for a number of repairs to the pump to be carried out and the tank was filled from a bowser. However, problems with the quality of the water at the Cemetery persisted.

The Council have given consideration to having the mains water re-connected.

Initial enquiries with Anglian Water have shown that this would be extremely costly. The cost of the re-connection is £2,700 and this only provides a connection at the edge of the cemetery with the previous leak still needing to be detected and new pipes installed.

It has therefore been recommended to try and improve the quality of the water in the harvesting system.

The tank has never been fully cleaned and a number of companies operate this service and will carry out annual maintenance visits.

The recommendation of the committee were to clean the tank at a cost of £1500 and create an annual maintenance contract to include 2 service visits per annum at a cost of £792.

At the latest Town Council meeting of the Environment, Leisure and Recreation Committee it has been agreed that:

a) The tank is cleaned at a cost of £1,500, but that it be delegated to the Clerk to approve additional expenditure up to £3,000 if the first clean is more costly;
b) that an annual maintenance contract is taken out, to include 2 service visits per annum at a cost of £792.

Fingers crossed for some water this summer!

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