Raunds Town Council Adopts Fur Free Market Policy

At the Raunds Town Council meeting of the Finance and Policy Committee, they reviewed whether they should adopt a ‘Fur Free’ market proposal

It was resolved at that meeting to adopt such a policy

The Information below is taken from the “Respect for Animals” website, this is a charity campaigning for animal welfare.

One of the strands of their work is to promote fur free markets.

Raunds Town Council was asked to consider adopting their standard “fur free” policy.

Their website hosts a database of local market and promotes those who have adopted a “Fur Free Policy”


“In recent years, it has become more common for real fur items, including bobble/pompom hats, to be sold at council-run markets- often at festive markets around Christmas time. Due to a large number of complaints from members of the public, Respect for Animals is campaigning to make all UK markets ‘fur free’.

Why is this important?

We have found almost identical hats sold at different stalls on the same market for the same cheap price: one with a fake fur bobble, one with a real fur bobble.

Customers had no idea that they were buying products from the cruel and unnecessary fur trade.

The fact is imported fur can be very cheap – but this should not hide the extreme cruelty suffered by the animals it came from. This fur is often imported from China, where there is virtually no enforced animal welfare legislation.

What they are asking local authorities to do

• refuse to allow real fur to be sold at council markets

• ratify an official Animal Welfare Charter

• Introduce and enforce the official Fur Free Markets policy

The official fur free market policy

[This Council] recognises that the United Kingdom has banned the farming of animals for their fur on ethical grounds since 2000 and the use of one of the most common traps used to catch animals for their fur has also been banned for many years.

Recognising that real fur is cruel and unnecessary, this Local Authority prohibits the selling of products containing real animal fur on council owned land, council run markets or council leased markets (including seasonal and Christmas markets).

All products wholly or partially made with real fur are covered by this ban and include for example; fur coats, vintage fur, fur shawls, garments with fur trim, fur pompom hats, and fur accessories and trinkets.

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One thought on “Raunds Town Council Adopts Fur Free Market Policy

  • Nick Lawrence
    8th February 2019 at 2:31 pm

    Is this to go along with there ‘no stalls’ and ‘no parking ‘ policies?


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