Finance and Policy Committee Meeting Tue 5th Feb

Raunds Town Council have published the agenda for the next meeting of the Finance and Committee meeting which will be held in the Council Chamber Tuesday 5th Feb at 7:30pm. Public are welcome to attend

The agenda items include the below:

Confirm previous meetings minutes (More Info)

Receive bank reconciliations for July to Oct 2018

Approve payments since the previous committee meeting (More Info)

To confirm the appointment of NcALC as the Council’s internal auditor for 2018-19

To carry out an annual review of insurance (More Info)

To carry out an annual review of internal control procedures (More Info)

To carry out a review of the council’s risk assessments

To receive a report on the wedding function at The Hall, Raunds

To consider adopting a policy to make all Raunds Markets Fur Free

The link to the full agenda can be found on the Town Councils website

At the time of publishing this article (1st Feb 10:30am), the associated documents relating to the agenda items had not yet been made available.

This article will be updated with links if the Town Council release the additional documents

Update (1st Feb 14:00). Document links have been provided for 3 of the agenda items)

If you would like to speak at the meeting about any of these topics, you must make your written request to the Council no less than 2 working days before the meeting which would be today (1st Feb)

Details of how to have your say at the meetings are in the following link

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