Help Reconnect Old Nursing Friend Janet Lee

Carole Chiverton is trying to trace and contact a very dear friend, Janet Lee and is hoping that someone on our community can help.

“I am trying to trace & contact a very dear friend. Her name is Janet Lee and we used to nurse together in the 90’s.

We have lost touch, but every year she sends me a Christmas card, but with no contact details. I have made efforts to find her, and believe she moved to Corby about three years ago.

Her neighbours tell me she relies on a wheelchair and that her and her husband moved to be near her daughter Rebecca.

Her husband’s name is Norman and he is a retired builder.

Her daughter was a nurse, could have married and have a different surname, but I believe has child/ren.

I so want to get in touch with Janet, and I know a visit would cheer her up.

We were a very close team when we worked together, and I think of her often.

I hope someone might be able to help.

If you have any details please feel free to comment or if Janet can get in touch with the site / page we’ll try to get you back in touch

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