Irchester housing needs survey

The Borough Council of Wellingborough, in conjunction with Irchester Parish Council, is undertaking a housing needs survey to identify whether or not the housing needs of local people are being met.

As part of a five-year rolling programme, agreed by councillors at the Borough Council of Wellingborough, the council will be carrying housing needs surveys across the borough to identify the types and tenures of new homes needed for the future.

This is an important issue for the sustainability of the community and residents that are looking for a property in the parish, or have a housing need, are being invited to participate in the housing needs survey.

This may apply to you, if you are:
• a single person or a couple setting up home for the first time
• someone who has moved away from the parish but wishes to return
• working in the parish and wish to move into the village
• looking for housing that is more affordable
• downsizing to a smaller property or needing a larger one
• already living in social housing and need to move
• likely to require rehousing within the next five years

Your views are important and your answers will be treated in strict confidence and will not be passed onto any third party. All data received will be processed and stored in line with data protection guidelines. Data will be stored for a maximum period of five years.

To take part in the survey please visit:

The closing date is Sunday 3 February 2019.

For more information about completed and future housing needs surveys across the borough of Wellingborough, please visit:

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