Raunds Town Council Support Planning Application for Lettable Offices and Business Starter Units

The Planning Committee of Raunds Town Council met on 29th November where they discussed several planning applications.

In particular, the much discussed application for the new managed business space next to KFC was reviewed where they provided their support for this application, although were notably disappointed that no operator would take up the original plan of a hotel.  Read original article about the application here

Full meeting minutes below

454.18 To receive any apologies for absence.

Apologies were received from Cllr J Duff.

RESOLVED to note the apologies.

455.18 Notification of requests from members of the public to address the meeting in compliance with adopted protocol

None Received

456.18 Declarations of interest:


457.18 Notification of members questions in compliance with the council’s standing orders.

None Received

458.18 Minutes: Confirm the minutes of the last meeting of the Planning Committee held on 25 October 2018.

RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on 25 October 2018 be confirmed as a true record.

459.18 Planning applications received for consideration, if any:

18/02081/FUL – Total of GIA of 36,850 sqft providing 27,000 sqft of managed business space which will provide a mix of lettable office (17,500 sqft) and business starter units (9,500 sqft) all within a B1 use class (a/b/c), available on flexible letting terms within a high quality managed environment with shared facilities. At land off A45, (Warth Park) London Road, Raunds, NN9 6EG

Members agreed that although they were disappointed that no operator would take up the original plan of a hotel on this site; this option of mixed lettable offices and business starter units  would be welcome within the town.

RESOLVED that Raunds town Council have no objections; however, due to the current flooding issues within the town, would like to make sure they consider the points raised by the Flood and Water Management Team.

Raunds Town Council applaud the developers in looking at the electric vehicle charging points and would like to make them aware that Raunds Town Council are currently looking at having electric vehicle charging points within the town centre too.

Mr Grace left the meeting

18/01979/VAR – Variation of condition 3 (no gates or doors to carport) to allow for a roller shutter door pursuant to application 16/00801/FUL: Two storey side and single storey rear  extension at 19 Hill Street Raunds, NN9 6NP

RESOLVED that Raunds town Council object as they have concerns on the dimension of the garage in allowing ease of vehicular access in and out.

18/02041/TPO – Fell three trees: TPO 0271 Species: WEL; TPO 0271 Species: HCH (2 Trees) at Kingswood House, Hollington Road, Raunds, NN9 6NH (PP-07359810)

Raunds Town Council value TPO trees and any healthy tree with a TPO should not be removed.

RESOLVED that Raunds Town Council object to the removal of the tree, however, have no objection on regular maintenance work being carried out.

18/02143/FUL – Retrospective application for Change of use from residential care home to a supported living HMO property at 45 Marshalls Road, Raunds, NN9 6ET

Members have concerns over retrospective application due to the possible comments or concerns raised by the Town Council that may not be taking into consideration.

RESOLVED that Raunds town Council have no objections.

18/02166/FUL – Two storey rear extension at Lyndale 25 Chelveston Road Raunds NN9 6DA

RESOLVED that Raunds town Council have no objections

460.18 Planning appeals:
None received

461.18 Planning permissions granted:

18/01871/FUL – Two Storey Rear Extension; single storey front extension and amended vehicle access to the highway at 38 Stanwick Road, Raunds, NN9 6DG

18/00047/FUL – Convert hard standing area 137sqm to parking bays at The Delves, Raunds

18/00877/FUL – Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of 3 dwellings with amenity space and parking including modification of existing vehicular access at Crossways, Chelveston Road, Raunds, NN9 6DA

18/01808/FUL – To convert integral garage into a habitable room at 14 Miles Close Raunds NN9 6SS

RESOLVED to note the planning permissions granted.

462.18 Planning permissions refused:
None received

463.18 Planning applications withdrawn:

EN/18/01638/FUL – Brick Motor Bike Shed at Redgate, Titty Ho, Raunds

EN/18/01732/FUL – Conversion of existing barns to stables and change of use of land from agricultural to equestrian use.

Retrospective change of use of small parcel of land within site to commercial caravan storage, at 111 London Road Raunds, NN9 6DB

EN/18/01640/FUL – Demolition of existing garage. Construction of new garage, with storage above. Increase in ridge height to dwelling house to provide bedroom accommodation at first floor level, demolition of conservatory, replace with single storey side extension at 84 High Street Raunds NN9 6HT.

EN/18/01185/FUL – Erection of 4 dwelling house at Land North of Raunds Fronting Brick Kiln Road, North Street and Midland Road, Raunds.

RESOLVED to note the planning applications withdrawn.

464.18 Planning applications referred to planning management committee at ENC:
None received

465.18 Amended planning application:
Although there were no applications received for amendments; it had been advised that an amendment to application 18/00266/FUL had been submitted to East Northamptonshire Council.
Concerns were raised that this would not come to a meeting of the Town Council in time for members to submit their responses to be considered at the East Northamptonshire Council meeting it is taken to.

a) It is delegated to the Clerk to contact a Planning Consultant to go through any new or amended applications in relation to this site when it is received;

b) To contact the resident’s group that were previously involved;

c) To have a representative of the Town Council attend any meetings at East Northamptonshire Council where this application is being discussed.

466.18 Items not requiring planning consent:

18/02080/LDP – Development described in Part I of the schedule in respect of land at the location and shown in red on plan accompanying the application WOULD HAVE BEEN LAWFUL
within the meaning of the Section 192 of the Town and Country Planning Act 2990 (as amended) for the reason(s) set out in Part II of the schedule hereto at 9 Burystead Rise, Raunds, NN9 6RZ

RESOLVED to note the planning permissions not required.

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