More Double Yellow Lines for Hill Street ?

Each year the County Council carries out a series of waiting restriction reviews across the county. After a request from the local Community Liason Officer on behalf of Brookhill Court Property Management, the authority has advertised a proposal to introduce waiting restrictions in Brookhill Court and around the junction of Hill Street, Raunds.

The proposed measures are envisaged to have the outcome of avoiding danger to motorists and pedestrians and ensuring a free flow of traffic.

Some objections were received from local residents due to a lack of parking to access their homes and a lower number of parking spaces compared to properties in the area.

Another comment was made with regard to parking worsened for residents due to customers of increasingly popular establishments such as Raunds Fish Bar, Northlands Vets, and Raunds Express

The Traffic and Asset Manager has come to the conclusion to recommend a proposal to introduce Double Yellow Lines (No waiting at any time) on Hill Street, Raunds.

This item will be discussed at the forthcoming meeting of the Full Council on 11th December (Agenda Item 494.18b).  Currently the County Council are waiting responses and opinion of both Raunds Town Council and the County Councillor (Dudley Hughes)


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