Town Council Events Budget Recommended to Increase by 23%

Raunds Town Council held a meeting of their events committee at the end of October which included a review to recommend the amount of budget they would like to have next year.

After another great year of events within the town, the committee reached an agreement to recommend that the events budget is increased by 10% across all areas and then an extra £4,000 on top.

The additional £4,000 is being requested as their is an uncertainty as to what future granting and sponsorship could be available in the future.

If approved by the Finance and Policy Committee, this would see an increase to funding requirements for the events committee by 23% against the current year

According to the latest information published, the Council actually received three times as much income sponsorship than budgeted however, received no grants and lower than expected Christmas Sponsorship.  The committee, however seem to be hedging their bets that they won’t get a penny of sponsorship for next years events.

Raunds Town Council do want to highlight that this is only a proposal at this stage, all committee budgets are considered by the Finance and Policy Committee, before a final proposal is put to the Full Council for consideration in January.

It is also important to note that any increase in a committees budget does not equate to an equivalent, or indeed any, increase in the precept (council tax) The increase could be met by underspends in other areas or from the councils reserves.


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