Anglian Water Comment on Raunds Infrastructure Issues

Following the recent series of problems with water supply in Raunds we got in touch with Anglian Water to understand what the underlying cause has been

An Anglian Water spokesman said:

 “We are sorry some customers in Raunds have experienced several interruptions to their water supply in recent months. Our team has been working to repair several burst water mains on the local network. The bursts were caused by a broken valve which regulates water pressure in the town.  The valve has now been repaired, which will reduce the risk of future bursts and get things back to normal.”

We also discussed the concerns about the towns current water infrastructure and it’s ability to expand.

“As a regulated water company we have a duty to provide water and sewerage to any new developments which are built in our region. While we are not a statutory consultee in the planning process, catering for the increase in demand is one of the biggest challenges we face and we work closely with councils and local developers to ensure we plan properly for future needs.”

Let us know your views in the comments below.  Should Anglian Water and other core services be more involved in the planning decisions?

2 thoughts on “Anglian Water Comment on Raunds Infrastructure Issues

  • 13th July 2018 at 6:30 pm

    Okay that’s all good they have ‘fixed’ the issue.. but when will London Road be reopened??? And… how long before the ‘fixed’ pipe brakes again.


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