Council Cuts Will Mean Even Less Gritting for Raunds

Admidst our fantastic summer heatwave, Northamptonshire County Council have released details of cuts to spending which will result in Northamptonshire Winter Road Gritting reduce by a road length of 21% with over 25% of grit bins being removed.  These changes are proposed to be implemented from October 2018.

We’ve looked specifically at how this impacts Raunds:

Raunds Grit Bins to be removed:

There are currently 1,973 grit bins on the county wide network. All grit bins have been assessed according to the scoring matrix and, approximately, 500 do not meet the current criteria. It is proposed that these 500 grit bins will either be removed or, where appropriate arrangements are agreed, for these to be left in situ for the community to maintain and replenish

There will be just 3 grit bins seen to be removed within Raunds:

  • Bottom of Coleman Street
  • Ashfield Avenue o/s Fairview
  • Chamberlain Way (opp 26)

Proposed Precautionary (P1) Gritting Route:

The aim is to treat P1 roads after the evening peak traffic time, though the target time for action otherwise depends on forecast and conditions.

If ice and/or snow are forecast, there is a priority to grit all other A roads and B roads, traffic sensitive roads and other roads, including at least one road to a village community. These roads are called the precautionary network (P1) and cover 46% of the total road network.


Proposed Adverse Gritting Route:

The adverse network (P2) covers certain links to villages not on the P1 network and also certain bus routes and selected roads in industrial estates.

When forecast weather conditions are unlikely to improve for at least 48 hours, or the temperature is unlikely to rise above freezing in that time, gritting will only be carried out on the P2 network if the P1 network does not require treatment.



Downgraded Roads from Precautionary (Priority) to Adverse:

This change will see the following Raunds roads being considered as a lower priority for gritting:

  • Brick Kiln Road
  • Marshalls Road
  • Hill Street
  • Mountbatten Way
  • Derling Drive
  • Butts Road

Gritting is undertaken on the precautionary gritting routes whenever there is a forecast temperature of plus 0.5° in the 24 hour forecast period (midday to midday) and will take priority under snow conditions.


County Wide Summary: Precautionary and adverse gritting

  • the precautionary gritting network has been assessed and, as of Winter 2018, the total length of roads gritted will be reduced from 1954km to 1543km (reduction of 21%)
  • the gritting fleet will be reduced from 26 to 19 vehicles
  • maximum salt stock will be reduced from 9,500t to 7,500t (with reduced minimum stock levels this will allow a greater quantity to be purchased at summer rates)
  • the reduced network will provide the ability to operate 24 hours a day during snow conditions, while also ensuring drivers have adequate rest periods
  • all of the roads which have been removed from the precautionary priority network for Winter 2018 have been added to the adverse gritting network
  • during snow events, roads will be cleared by local farmers and other supply chain partners with the correct equipment under supervision of the severe weather manager
  • time taken to undertake gritting actions will be changed from 3 hours to 3.5 hours

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