Raunds Town Council Adopts New Policy for Public Access to Reports Ahead of Meetings

A communication from Raunds Town Council this morning (10th July) confirms that following a review, they have now adopted the following policy:

“Public Access to meeting Reports

Whilst the Town Council has no legal obligation to publish meeting reports ahead of council meetings it continues to be committed to ensuring that it adheres to the highest possible standards of governance and transparency. The Council hopes that local residents are able to engage with the council. To support this the Town Council will make the following information available to the public ahead of council and committee meetings.

  • Reports that have been circulated to members of the council will be made available on the Town Council website.
  • Reports from external bodies or links to public consultations will be made available on the Town Council website.
  • No information that contains sensitive personal information or properly considered to be confidential will be published.
  • Reports will only be published where they have been circulated to members of the council.

The Council will make its best endeavours to ensure that where possible reports are published ahead of meetings.”

The latest reports and agenda to support tonights Full Town Council Meeting (7:30pm) can be found here

We are currently pending clarification to the definition of the word ‘reports’ or whether this should be extended to all documents.  Therefore it is uncertain as to whether or not this excludes other documents being reviewed at the meetings which are not labelled as a ‘report’.

There is also an ongoing discussion with local MP Tom Purslove to discuss whether such obligations should be made legal across the country; as they are for other local governments (County/Parish Counties) which currently exclude town/parish councils from those items of legislation.

What do you think of the new policy? – do you feel that you are able to engage with the council better now? Are you coming to tonight’s Full Town Council meeting?  – let us know in the comments…

OR Do you want to feedback directly to the Town Council yourself? Feel free to use the form below to send an email or you can contact them via info@raunds-tc.gov.uk / 01933 622087

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