Raunds Jan-Apr Average Reported Crime Levels

Latest data released by the Police shows a 13% increase in overall reported crime for Raunds in the months between Jan and April when compared to the same period in 2017.

Areas of specific decrease of reported crime can be seen in the areas of anti social behaviour (-17%), burglary (-35%), thefts (-26%) and other crime (-6%).

However, reports of drug related crime have almost tripled and violence and sexual offences up by 63%.  Robbery is also up by 67%, with shoplifting having an increase of 83% and vehicle crime up by 43%. Criminal damage and arson has also increased by 57%.

These stats, however, do not take into consideration the population growth in the town over the past few years, which due to a lack of any recent population census is currently unavailable.

Mike Turner

Mike has lived in Raunds himself since 2007 and started Raunds Town Voice back in 2014.  Mike has a strong passion for information sharing, especially within the community and helping individual people to have their voices heard

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