Chicken Broiler Farm Outside Rushden

A proposed chicken broiler farm by Bedfordia Farms Ltd could see 2.3 million broiler raised chickens each year…just outside of Rushden

A planning application submitted to East Northamptonshire Council requests:

18/01284/FUL | Construction and operation of a broiler rearing unit with six linked poultry buildings and ancillary structures comprising fifteen grain silos, three crumb feed silos, three feed blending houses, two water tanks with an associated pump house, two gas storage tanks, an electricity substation, switch room and standby generator with fuel tank, a weigh room, a welfare block, a cold store and incinerator, a boiler house and storage building, a security gatehouse and associated hardstanding, with boundary fencing, landscape, planting and flood attenuation works and an upgrading of an existing vehicular access track extending to the south-west to an existing anaerobic digestion plant access road. (revised scheme to 17/01328/FUL) | Land North East Of Westwood AD Plant Bedford Road Rushden Northamptonshire”

In a further clarification from the agent received today [5th July]; ‘The broiler unit is designed to raise 314,000 birds every 49 day cycle, equating to 2,339,000 birds per year’

The planning application comes a year after the original proposal which was eventually withdrawn under (17/01328/F) and saw over 1200 comments; many objecting to the humanity of this method of meat farming  s well as other factors such as the smell to local residents.

For more insight into chicken broilers you can visit:

If you would like to view the planning application and raise your own objections or support: click here

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