European Snooker Champion Visits His Old School

Raunds based Professional snooker player/ European champion Harvey chandler visited his old primary school at Windmill to give a motivational speech and a Q&A session with the kids.

“It was Herbert Spencer, the famous English philosopher, biologist, anthropologist, sociologist, and prominent classical liberal political theorist of the Victorian era who famously said “to play billiards well is the sign of a misspent youth.”

While billiards and snooker may be not be the same game they are not a million miles apart and so when professional snooker player and European Champion Harvey Chandler came into school on Friday 15th June the children were keen to learn all about his journey since leaving Windmill in 2006 to European Snooker Champion in 2018, just 12 short years.

He talked about his experiences as a ‘would-be’ footballer and the reasons for changing his career direction into a sport with much smaller, if greater in number, balls and the hours of practice that he puts in.

He inspired the children to give everything they can into achieving their dreams and extoling the value of resilience and ambition and answered questions from the floor from children and staff.

While obviously not encouraging the children to ‘misspend’ their youth, it is great to see an ex-Windmill-er flying the flag for Raunds and his old school and we wish him the very best for the coming year – a world champion in the making?”

Written by: Simon Bateson, Assistant Principal

One thought on “European Snooker Champion Visits His Old School

  • Sharon Neal
    16th June 2018 at 8:02 am

    How fantastic for the kids! Maybe it’ll inspire them to follow their dreams,and reach for the stars, after all if a former “Windmiller” can make it, so can they!


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