Ice Cream Pod and Beach on The Square?

The next Raunds Town Council meeting will be held on Tuesday 12th June at 7:30pm. This is a full town council meeting which includes discussion points such as whether a “Beach on The Square” should be created for the summer as well as the inclusion of a regular ice cream and refreshment pod.

The meeting is open to the public with the full agenda included below:

88.18 To Receive Apologies For Absence.

89.18 Declarations of Interest.


90.18 Notification of requests from members of the public to address the meeting in compliance with adopted protocol.

91.19 Notification of members questions in compliance with the council’s standing orders.

92.18 Minutes: to confirm the minutes of the Council meeting held 8 May 2018 (copy herewith).

93.18 Committee report: To receive the report of the Environment Leisure and Recreation Committee held 22 May 2018. (copy herewith)

94.18 Committee report: To receive the report of the Events Committee 30 May 2018. (copy herewith)

95.18 Committee report: To receive the report of the Planning Committee 31 May 2018. (copy herewith)

96.18 Committee report: To receive the report of the Finance and Policy Committee 7 June 2018. (copy herewith)

97.18 District Councillors Report. 98.18 County Councillors Report.

99.18 Town Mayors Announcements.

100.18 Annual Accounts: To approve the annual accounts for the year ended 31 March 2018 (copy herewith)

101.18 The Annual Return (copy herewith)

  1. To receive and approve the annual governance statement.
  2. To receive and approve the statement of accounts.

102.18 Accounts for payment: To receive the payments lists. (report herewith)

103.18 The Market Square/Marshall Road car park:

  1. a) Air Ambulance Clothing Recycling Bin: to consider a request from Air Ambulance for a clothing recycling bin to be located on the market Square.
  2. b) Beach on The Square: to consider the creation of a “beach on the Square” for the summer. (information to follow)
  3. c) Ice cream van: to consider a request for an ice cream and refreshment pod to be regularly situated on The Square (information herewith)
  4. d) Marshalls Road carpark: to consider the removal of the height restriction barrier.

104.18 Local Government Reform: To consider information from East Northamptonshire Council regarding the reorganisation of local government in Northamptonshire.

105.18 Pathfinder Meeting: To consider any further actions required following the recent Pathfinder meeting.

106.18 Annual Report: to consider the Annual Report and to delegate to the Clerk in consultation with the Mayor the preparation and distribution of the final print version.

107.18 Dropped Kerb Bassfords Recreation Ground: to consider modifying the dropped kerb at Bassfords recreation ground

108.18 Raunds Business Forum: to consider a request from Raunds Business forum for free use of Saxon Hall for monthly meetings.

109.18 St Peters Churchyard: to consider correspondence from a resident regarding a tree St Peters Churchyard (information herewith)

110.18 Communications: to consider the publication of regular council and civic updates in the Raunds Round up

110.18 Exclusion of the Press and Public

The press and public will be excluded from the following agenda items due to the confidential nature of the business under the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960

111.18 Raunds Library:

  1. a) To receive an update from Raunds Library Management Group.
  2. b) to consider information from East Northamptonshire Council (if received) and to consider the next steps required in the purchase of the library building.

Feedback to Council:

Use the below form to send your feedback directly to Raunds Town Council or to request a time-slot to speak at the start of the meeting. Please be sure to include the agenda item that you are enquiring about.

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