Historic England See No Reason to Assess Henge for Scheduling

There is a continued drive to appeal to Historic England to turn Raunds’ Cotton Henge into a scheduled monument in order to provide the site with appropriate protection against development.

We followed up with Historic England to get their response on the current petition and to understand if there was any possibility that they may consider changing the classification of the site.

A spokesperson for Historic England said:

“The site known as Cotton Henge was first excavated in the 1990s, towards the end of a large and important programme of Government-funded archaeological work across the Raunds and Stanwick landscape.

Reports on this work can be downloaded for free from Historic England’s website.

The strategic decisions about this archaeological landscape and the extensive development that was then in progress were mostly taken in the 1980s.

Cotton Henge had already been heavily reduced by ploughing and the decision was to take forwards archaeological excavation within the landscape-wide research programme.

This path to ‘preserve by record’ was reflected in subsequent local plan allocations and planning consents.

In the context of the current planning system, the developer has been required to address the remaining archaeological potential of the site so that those elements of nationally-important remains which have survived ploughing and archaeological excavation are fully excavated, with the benefit of latest understanding and techniques.

Key decisions were taken a considerable time ago to recover information from the Cotton Henge site rather than preserve it in-situ.

Historic England sees no reason, therefore, to assess the site for scheduling.”


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4 thoughts on “Historic England See No Reason to Assess Henge for Scheduling

  • Lisa Carter
    26th April 2018 at 8:11 pm

    Whilst I was riding on meadow lane today I saw it’s business as usual down there lots of machinery working away, it’s so sad to see 😢

  • Mark Gautrey
    27th April 2018 at 5:09 am

    You could organise a henge protest site sit in. I’ll come if the weathers good.

    • Mark Gautrey
      27th April 2018 at 11:56 am

      Well I’m not getting wet and cold for some hole in the ground. You’d only turn up if there was a sun lounger and prosecco on tap.


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