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With the closure of the two nurseries in Raunds from August 2018 there is going to be a very high demand for sessions at Playmates and, following the letters sent out regarding choosing sessions for September, we are almost full from then.


To combat this and make our service more accessible to more families we are considering opening from 9.00am until either 5.30pm or 6.00pm. We may possibly offer 3 hour sessions between 3.00pm and 6.00pm to accommodate all of the children on our Waiting List, if we have enough demand.


Looking to the future we realise we need to extend our current provision and are in discussions with Mr Coleman, Windmill’s Headteacher, with regards to how this can happen as soon as possible.


We have been considering purchasing some kind of semi-permanent building which could be easily erected without planning permission. The most suitable option we have found is this log cabin which we would insert into the fence on the School side of the garden and will also include extending the garden by 4 metres towards the school playground.


The cabin would be used primarily for 2 year olds and any child(ren) needing a more sensory environment. It will allow us to take up to another 10 children per session and will take only a few months for us to recoup the initial pay-out.


This is where we need your help

We need to have a concrete base laid, the fence will need to be modified and/or moved, the log cabin will need insulating and a waterproof stain applied, we will need some lino, electrics and lights putting in, some guttering and the roof will need felting.


If we can secure some volunteers, skilled workman or even local companies to help us out then this could potentially be a reality before September. Pleassssseeee if you can help in any way, husbands or partners, companies you know, or even some sponsorship to help move us forward as we really need this to happen.





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