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** 2019 Update:  It seems that Amazon have now stopped offering the free month of Prime for each failure, however they definitely continue to offer £5 compensation in the form of a credit on your account **

In the past week I have gained 7 free months of Amazon Prime membership as well as £15 compensation; all due to deliveries being late and Amazon breaking their ‘Guarantee’.

Have you used Amazon Prime and been promised your delivery on a certain day but it didn’t arrive? – did you know that if they break the ‘guarantee’ you are entitled to compensation? – after all you have paid for the service

This doesn’t get publicised enough but if Amazon fail a single order and you complain, then you will be offered at least either a £3 credit or a 1 month extension to your prime membership.

If you do get offered the £3 then you can easily push this up to £5 by saying something like ‘last time I was offered £5 compensation’ or ‘my friend just had a problem and they were give £5, why only £3 for me?’

Note: With the monetary credit; this can only be used on items both sold by and fulfilled by Amazon so you can’t use it for everything and it won’t show in your normal account settings as a balance.  But it can be tested by adding something like an Echo Dot, getting to the checkout page and you should see that money coming off.

With that knowledge in mind, why create large / bundled Amazon orders? – let’s say that you have 5 items you need to order and they are all individually available on Prime; why not check them all out seperately? – after-all, if just 1 of them fails, that’s 1 extra month.  All 5 are late?- well there’s almost half of your Prime membership extended.

Whilst I’ve been compensated well for a series of linked delivery failures in the past week around Christmas; over the course of the year, as a heavy user, I have already built up 12 months of prime month extensions

You don’t even need to talk to Amazon on the phone; either drop them an email or use the online chat facility to get your compensation immediately.

With all the late deliveries in the past few weeks I hope that helps some people out.

Please share and help your family / friends out with this extra knowledge.

Quick template if you want to copy / paste (well tested):

“Hi, this is <insert name> regarding Order: <insert order number>

My order was on Amazon Prime but has missed it’s guaranteed delivery time.  Please can you compensation me for breaking the Prime Guarantee?”

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