Dog Mess on Bassford Park (The Rec) Exercise Machines

Chopper Watts says: “Just been on a dog walk round the dog park couple of times, past cemetery, through Warth Park, down Meadow Lane and back up to Bassford park (the rec) to do a session on the exercise machines… only to find some numpty had cleaned dog mess off their shoe which another numpty had not picked up on one of the sit on machines!

I tried to clean it off using a poo bag but it had almost set firm so be warned peeps if you use the machines in morning

It’s the machine nearest to kids play area !

It may clean off off better in morning damp air with a tissue,or if you carry water bottle ???

One thought on “Dog Mess on Bassford Park (The Rec) Exercise Machines

  • Andrew Tate
    7th December 2017 at 6:49 am

    more than likely Chris Caswell He’s got form for this sort of thing ??


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