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Our local library in Raunds is under threat of closure due to budget cut requirements within Northamptonshire County Council.

Northamptonshire County Council have announced that they need to find £115m savings over the next four years predominantly to meet social care costs in the county. The Library and Information Service must share in this financial challenge and seek to reduce costs to the tax payer

The “Friends of Raunds Library” group are working together with Raunds Town Council to find all possible ways to keep the Library open.

“It’s a central hub of the community and a place for people to interact who may not see people on a regular basis I.e the elderly” says Daniel Willoughby

“The library seems to be the heart of Raunds and surrounding areas please don’t take it away” – Jenifer Brown

“It’s an important hub of the town, where at least 20 different groups either meet or have facilities there. From the Older generation to the babies and tots.” says Alison Pearson, Treasurer of ‘Friends of Raunds Library’

“The library is an important social hub. For example, there is currently a concern about people, especially old people, being isolated, and going to the library would be one way they could get out and interact with others”. – John Fryatt

The Friends of Raunds Library group have supported the library by purchasing tables and other essential items and even down to sourcing the funding for the pushchair shelter.

The group had a stall at Market Square for the christmas lights event where they gathered 800 signatures in petition against closing the Library, however they have a goal to reach at least 1000.

Posters have been put up in the local area and Brook Street news has kindly agreed to have one of the petitions in there so if you haven’t already signed, please visit and add your signature.

“They are in financial trouble because they continually froze council tax so they could brag about having the lowest council tax [with] no increase for years is why they’re broke. The library is about much more than just books it’s about social inclusion young mums and toddlers older people with knit & natter poetry group and many more” – Ed Hookway

Alison Pearson says: “Too many groups use the space and we have almost twice more footfall last year then Irthlingborough.”  “The nearest library to us will be Rushden and we think our older people and mums and tots will find it difficult to access if they do not drive and parking is a nightmare.”

“Closing the library makes no economic sense and is totally shortsighted. Our library is a ‘Library Plus’ – just calling it a place to borrow books and media is misleading. It also serves the residents and Stanwick and Hargrave too (not just Raunds) and brings folk together. It shows a lack of support for the growth of Raunds and undermines the work that local folk do. Who’d want to raise a family in an area where they can’t even be bothered to fund a library, despite housing springing up left, right and centre? All that does is force this place to be a commuter town.” – Will Cheung

“I’ll be so disappointed to see Raunds library close down. As an expectant mum, I was very much looking forward to being able to interact with other mum’s at the library and provide my child with interaction and a social setting which doesn’t have to involve driving to a neighbouring town or cost. If it shuts it will be very much missed by all in the area. I loved the library when I was little and I’d love to see my child share the same experience, let’s hope they keep it open!” – Rebecca Willoughby

“Pensioners and people who live alone need the library plus those with toddlers and little folk& am sure the computer section is a bonus for the jobseekers and those who haven’t their own internet. It all seems very unfair and inconsiderate” – Val Yates

Other areas in Northamptonshire have recently had drop-in public consultations (South Northants, Northampton and Wellingborough) with Corbys scheduled for tomorrow (30th November)

There is a hope that there will be a drop-in public consulation held for East Northamptonshire, however a date and venue have not yet been finalised.  The closing date for any consultation is 5pm on 13th January 2018.

“Yes the Library is the hub of our community. With sure start being closed down the library is our children’s center. If if was not for the Library I would not have met a fantastic network of mums. Some of who have become close friends. The library offers such a wide range of services with out it we would be lost and there would be a lot more isolation in the community not just from the old bit right across the spectrum right down to new mums that might just need to see another adult and know they are not alone.” – Donna Randall


“Friends of Raunds Library” have just set up a new Facebook Group to provide further information, which can be accessed by clicking here.


Should Raunds Library be Closed to Save Taxpayer Money?


Outside of the “Friends of Raunds Library” group; the council have provided the below methods on how you can provide your views:

Raunds Library is a designated Children’s Centre. The following Children’s Centre services can be accessed at Raunds

  •  Locality based support in the Centre, community venue or at home. Provision of early intervention to both child and
    parent / carers as follows: –
  • Information and Advice Services about a range of services, including childcare and employment support.
  • Stay and Play Services
  • School Readiness Services
  • Health, Lifestyles and Well Being Services – universal and targeted activities to improve outcome for parents
    and children, including ante-natal and post-natal support delivered in partnership with midwives and health
  • Improved Parenting and Family Support Services – Targeted support and Early Help services for families that
    need extra support.
  • Services to improve adults personal skills, education and employability – Links to benefits and debt advice,
    adult learning opportunities and JobCentre Plus

Additional Resources and material are available via the below links:




6 thoughts on “Save Raunds Library

  • Ed Hookway
    29th November 2017 at 8:46 pm

    No they can’t host it we may be collecting at the market or Coop I’ll update soon

  • Jem Marsh
    29th November 2017 at 11:15 pm

    Libraries have always been an easy target for LAs up and down the country. Re-structuring in the 2000s with CILIP qualified librarians whose salary carried a premium because of their qualifications being replaced by unqualified staff to cut costs, I heard that first-hand around England over 10 years ago. One LA bordering Northants even had Libearies included in the Waste Management Directorate! In the early 2000s millions were spent to install computers and Internet under ‘Social Inclusion’ for those that couldn’t access it at home but no doubt the government’s argument will now be that xx% now have that access from their own home computer. Northants is not alone in reining back on libraries but NCC has to be one of the worst councils in England.


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