St Peter’s Anti-Bullying Week: All Different. All Equal

St Peter’s have been involved in many exciting activities and important discussions this week as part of Anti Bullying Week. We have signed up to the Anti-Bullying Alliance which is a coalition of organisations and individuals that are united against bullying.

The idea of Anti-Bullying Week is to help children and young people celebrate what makes them, and others, unique and help them understand why it’s important that every child feels included in school and able to be themselves without fear of bullying.

From Odd Socks Day on Monday, writing Anti-Bullying songs and creating an individual jigsaw puzzle piece which will culminate in a giant jigsaw puzzle of our school (inclusion all pupils and staff), this week has been imperative to empower our pupils to celebrate what makes them, and others, unique.

Alongside this, our student leadership team, including School Parliament, has been working with the Principal, Mrs Folkard, to update the school anti-bullying policy with their opinions, suggestions and ideas to make the school even safer with a zero tolerance to bullying.

Through discussions, they have understood just how important it is that every child feels valued and included in our school, able to be themselves, without fear of bullying.

In our recent parent survey, 98% of parents agreed that St Peter’s effectively deals with any incidents of bullying or perceived bullying.

This is something we are very proud of and we will continue to work with our parents to ensure the result is 100%!

This week, we were approached by BBC Northampton as they had seen all of our social media posts; showing all of the fantastic anti-bullying work that the staff and children were working on.

Mr Gilder, a BBC Broadcaster, came in and interviewed our children all about our week, how to spot bullying and why being unique was so important.

As always, I was so proud of how articulate, enthusiastic and a credit to St Peter’s they were.

This morning, in a live BBC broadcast, I was able to add my own viewpoint on why St Peter’s is so very special, allowing children to be what they want to be, have open dialogue with very supportive staff and that anti-bullying is a key issue to support the mental wellbeing of all our pupils.

The recorded broadcast can be found here:

I would like to thank the staff, pupils and families for the commitment and passion they demonstrate for our school on a daily basis, including during the Anti-Bullying week.

This is a safe, kind and exciting place to be.

The pupils at St Peter’s make every day a privilege – thank you.
Mrs Folkard

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