Raunds Remembers

When you walk through Raunds on a typical day it’s often easy to think how small the town is, however, with the town out in force yesterday for Remembrance Sunday it went to show how such a small community can make the town feel big again.

The community really came together in remembrance of an important day; to remember the men and women that laid down their lives for our country in war.  From the Veterans, Beavers, Brownies, Scouts, Girl Guides, Cadets, Rainbows, Cubs, local schools, play groups, the band, local council, police, fire and rescue, spectators…and any other organisation / group I may have missed; the amount of respect that was shown was fantastic.

It was a well organised event which started at Raunds Town Hall and ended at St Peters Church war memorial where a dedication was given and groups/people were invited to lay down a wreath as a mark of respect.  A final march back down towards the co-op marked the end of the event.

Whilst there are a few samples of the photos that were taken, there are many more (approx 600) published on our Facebook photo album

For any photo privacy issues or requests for higher quality images please email photos@townvoice.co.uk


Sometimes the most touching moments come from unexpected places. This man in particular is worth a mention.

I was setting up the camera to catch the front of the parade on the way back from St Peters church, when I caught him marching down the pavement looking ever so happy and proud to be part of it all.

Moments after this was taken he managed to join the parade and walked next to the mayor for the final stretch



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