Sky Broadband Reviews in Raunds

Rachel Robinson asks: “Does anyone have sky broadband, if so what do you think of it, any good? I’ve got virgin at the minute but thinking of changing”

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  1. Have been with sky for 3 yrs now. Switched from Virgin that was always dropping out and slowing right down at peak time. I pay for the 38mbs sky fibre unlimited and i get exactly that. Constant speed all the time with no slowing down at peak times or dropping out. I live just about 50m from the fibre cabinet so it all depends how far your nearest one is located. Never had a problem or had to complain. I call Sky every year and barter a good discount.

  2. We have sky fibre. Have no issues and a fab service. Never drops out or slows down.

  3. Do you need speed and reliability, or is it a cost thing? If Sky (or any other suppliers) could supply the speed, we’d go to them as they’re a bit cheaper. 🤔

  4. We too have Sky broadband, phone etc. Swapped from BT. No issues with Sky, but lots with BT!! Like the suggestion of calling each year to negotiate a discount – will give that a try!

  5. We have sky and have no problems at all

  6. Personally….I’d stick with virgin. There is none of this ‘speeds up to xxmb/s’ nonsense. It just delivers ridiculous speeds with very little fuss (in my case 380mb/s download, 21mb/s upload)
    Sky uses BT….BT run an old network. Even their latest fibre effort can only offer ‘up to’ 50/80ish mb/s at a push.

  7. I have Virgin Media, I have had Sky before but that was before it became fibre and went back to Virgin Media because it was the best internet speed for my location in Raunds and I shall never change again.

  8. Don’t bother, get a Plug in box and setup Kodi 😜

  9. Found no problems at all with sky

  10. I’ve got 80mb but with three kids an two adults streaming I have never reached two thirds of its capacity, Even 2 x HD streaming is way down the scale, why we all need faster is beyond me, I used to install / repair BT, Sky and hundreds that most people haven’t even heard of. If you’re happy with the service and cost surely that’s enough

  11. Virgin Media in Raunds is pants. We had it and had endless issues with disturbance and losing picture quality as for the broadband so slow! !

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