Police Activity at Wellington Hill?

Kyla Matthews says: ‘All kicking off down Wellington Hill. 5 police cars. Does anyone know what’s going on??’

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  1. Possibly to do with the noise complaints about loud bangs.

  2. I’m sorry to sound grumpy and don’t wish to start a debate but should this seriously be posted on here for the world and it’s dog to comment, speculate and scaremonger?!
    Yeah I care about the town and people in it but without knowing the truth/facts about ‘police activity in Wellington hill’ I think this should be removed until we do out of respect for those directly or indirectly involved…… 🙈

  3. For gods sake you can’t say anything these days without upsetting someone!!!!

  4. Kyla, do some investigate and please let us know what you find out would be helpful

  5. Did anyone find out what it was about?

  6. There was two police cars there last night when I drove past about 9.30. They were leaving. That was it

  7. Everybody is offended these days, sign of the times, sign of social media

  8. Can I just say that I am impressed that Northamptonshire has still got five police cars!

  9. Don’t know why people need to be offended unless it actually concerns them it was a genuine question not like some of the posts on here that name and shame people😡

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