Local Community Raise £6000 to Continue Judicial Review Against Warth Park Planning Decision

Today the ‘Stop Warth Park’ group have successfully reached their CrowdJustice funding goal of £6,000 in order to continue a judicial review.  The review is against the councils decision to allow the further development of Warth Park for 2 large Howdens distribution units.

The £6,000 was not only raised by residents of Raunds, but also Stanwick and other surrounding towns and villages; demonstrating a strong community message that the impact of building at this site doesn’t just negatively impact the people of Raunds.

The community really got together on this and fundraising for the appeal included a recent promise auction where various lots were sold for charity (and some even re-auctioned!),

With only a few days to go to reach the target amount, it was uncertain whether the funding goal would be reached. If it had not been, then the donations pledged would not have been captured by the CrowdJustice site and the review would likely have not happened.

We wonder how Roxhill, Howdens and East Northamptonshire County Council feel about this news. Needless to say, the members of the ‘Stop Warth Park’ group are extremely pleased.

With this funding now secured, the residents of Raunds can request the High Court to begin the review, however a further stretch target goal of £10,000 is now on the site for anyone who wishes to contribute in case of additional costs


What’s next:

Stage 3: Permission is requested from the High Court, by us,  to begin the Judicial Review 

The Council and developers are allowed to say why the claim is wrong, and then the Court will consider the case and merits of the competing arguments on paper (there can be a hearing) and decide whether or not to give permission for the review.

Stage 4: The Judicial Review Hearing  

If permission is granted by the Court to proceed,  a hearing date will be set to have the planning decision reviewed by a High Court Judge.

If the group are successful then East Northants Council’s decision to grant planning permission will be quashed (overturned) and the group will be looking to recoup the invested funding.



5 thoughts on “Local Community Raise £6000 to Continue Judicial Review Against Warth Park Planning Decision

  • 20th July 2017 at 2:47 pm

    How brilliant is that… Great community spirit… Go people of Raunds.. Step 1 over…

  • 20th July 2017 at 8:53 pm

    Its great to no people really care about stopping these greedy land grabbing companys,am sick of seeing the roxhill name on every development that’s being built across the country.Its about time someone put up a fight,shame it wasn’t EN council,but great to no Raunds,Stanwick and surrounding villages,and Raunds council are prepared to fight them

  • 21st July 2017 at 5:45 pm

    I’ve been told that the spot on radio northampton mentioned, that the purposed plan was passed with a promise of 600 jobs available. and now this has been revised down to 300. If this is true surely this is grounds for the plans to be resubmitted, on false information given to sway votes.


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