Fawlty Tower Burger Challenge at Jesters Bistro Bar

So this week one of the regular customers at Jesters Bistro set himself a bit of a challenge. He fancies his chances of eating TWO Jester’s Fawlty tower burgers but just to make it a little more filling he prefers to have a fried egg on his burger too

Jesters are looking at August as the big eat day and would hope that you lovely people of Raunds can maybe come and join in.

Jesters say that it would be nice if they could get a few people doing the challenge raising money for Local charity ( it is not a speed challenge or record breaker )

If you would like to nominate someone who really fancies their chances of munching through two Fawlty tower burgers with fried eggs, two helpings of onion rings and two helpings of chips then let them know on their facebook page here 

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