Windmill Primary Eco Award Status Moves from Bronze to Silver

Thanks to the wonderful efforts of Miss Davies, Miss Loasby and Windmill Schools Eco Committee, Mr Coleman has announced that the school has now gained the Eco Schools Silver Award.

Matt Coleman (Principle) says:

“After gaining our Bronze Eco Award at the beginning of the year, we have now managed to progress and earn our Silver Eco Schools Award at Windmill Primary. The Eco Committee have worked very hard along with the rest of the school to do this; here are some of the things they had to do to earn the award:

  • The Eco Committee meets at least once every half term and the children are responsible for keeping minutes of these meetings. They then communicate these meetings to the rest of the school through assemblies and talking to classes.


  • The committee has completed an environmental review of the school which covers nine topics listed on the Eco Schools website. They have created an action plan which details how they will act on at least three of these topics and deadlines for the action. The three topics the Eco Committee have chosen to work on to begin with are waste, energy and global citizenship. They organised ‘Energy Saving Fortnight’ in November last year, ‘Waste Week’ in March this year and have raised money for charity through ‘Bag2School’ collections and currently by collecting for Shoe Aid. They have also created an ‘Energy Monitor’ system in every classroom and organised composting on the school grounds.


  • There is an Eco Schools notice board displayed in the hall which has photographs of all the eco activities around school as well as the Windmill Eco Code. The code is a guideline of things we can do to help Windmill Primary School to be even more eco-friendly. We are now working towards gaining our Green Flag award, which hopefully won’t be too far away!


I’m sure you’ll agree that this has been a wonderful effort by the team. Thank you so much everybody and well done!”

The next step on the schools journey will be to reach the ‘Green Flag’ status. To read more about the Eco Schools programme please click here



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