Call for Former Manor School Students to Talk to Current Students

In order to extend and enhance Manor Schools employer engagement within the curriculum and develop the range of careers and work-related learning opportunities for their students, they are looking for former Manor School students who live and work in the local area to make a contribution to the Employer Engagement Initiative.

They are looking for people who are able and willing to come into school and talk to small groups of students about:

  • their education pathways beyond Manor School
  • their professional training, skills and qualifications
  • employment opportunities in their business or sector
  • applications and interviews for university and/or employment

The school is also seeking people to provide opportunities for students to visit their place of work, work with subject teachers to develop our curriculum or act as a 1:1 mentor for our students.

If you are able to help, please contact the school on 01933 623921 or, providing some details of your present employment situation and what support you may be able to provide.

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