Warth Park Planning Meeting Consolidated Video Breakdown

Having been through the video footage released by the Council from the Warth Park Development Planning Meeting, I thought it would be useful to provide a breakdown of some of the key and arguably controversial topics that were made during the meeting, which led to a (right or wrong) decision to approve the development

Here are some of the key points:

  • Raunds Neighbourhood Plan cannot bear any weight to the planning decision as it’s still in draft
  • The Neighbourhood Plan was submitted to ENDC by the Town Council but reasons for progression of the plan are unknown
  • Stanwick Neighbourhood Plan also bears no weight for the same reason
  • The nearest neighbour to the site will have her livelihood ruined and large impact to her flock of sheep
  • Strong focus throughout the meeting on the costs of an appeal stated to be at least around £150,000 if Councillors did not approve this
  • Howdens confirm that they have already started relocating staff to Raunds who have purchased houses
  • Stated to be 600 jobs available in the long-term which include future site growth, retirements and resignation.
  • No confirmation on any short-term / initial job opportunities for Raunds
  • Noise level concerns were raised but council unable to provide environmental expert to respond, due to holiday
  • Air pollution concerns were raised but no environmental expert to respond due to holiday
  • Wind level and tunnelling concerns were raised but council unable to provide environmental expert or confirm that these have even been considered in a report
  • The bright white band at the top of the buildings is part of the planning application but this will be offset against the existing building so no impact to the skyline
  • Concerns over the proportional size of the development vs the size of the town were not considered a strong enough reason
  • Concerns over the impact to views and light levels from Stanwick Lakes were not considered a strong enough reason
  • Council officer states that the development takes nothing away from the character and quality of the landscape and skyline in the area

Here are the videos:

Cllr Sylvia Hughes Objects to Warth Park Raunds Development

She highlights that the reason that the Raunds Neighbourhood Plan holds no weight is due to ENDC sitting on it when it should have been reviewed and finalised much earlier.


Dave Munday for Stanwick Parish Council Speaks Against Raunds Warth Park


Anne Dagen Opposition Speech to Warth Park Development


June Longhurst speaks against the development.

June has a small holding on Hogs Dyke and will be the closest neighbour to the new Warth Park development. She says, this will have a huge impact on her livelihood and flock of sheep.


David Prangley from the Warth Park Opposition Group speaks against the development


Howdens Explain Why the Warth Park Development will be Good for Raunds

Are you left with a warm and fuzzy feeling that there is a good community focus after this?


Roxhill Respond to Public Concerns over Warth Park Development


Philip Stearn Outlines Warning of Potential Appeal and Costs


Concerns Over Noise Levels are Discussed

The council failed to have a representative at the Warth Park planning meeting who could talk to the points regarding environmental report discrepancies and missing information.

Roxhill published higher decibel figures and ENDC corrected these by lowering them in a further report.

Just a 10 Decibel increase by Roxhill would equate to approximately tripling the noise level in some cases!

The question was asked regarding ‘max’ noise levels rather than the ‘average’ levels published but since the senior environmental officer was on holiday, no-one could answer.

It is also unclear whether published figures regarding noise levels, such as of reversing vehicles are ‘per vehicle’ or whether multiple simultaneous activity noise has been calculated

Considering environmental aspects were the main reasons for objections to this proposal, was it right that an expert wasn’t made available or that the planning meeting wasn’t postponed until one could?


Concerns Over Air Quality are Discussed

ENDC failed to provide an environmental expert at the Warth Park Planning Meeting.

When asked how there could be no detrimental air quality impact the officer standing in was unable to provide a justified answer.

The answer given certainly indicates that there will be an impact but that the maximum levels for air pollution at particular measuring points under EU regulations will not be breached.

We don’t know what those levels were or where the measuring equipment is located. Is it as close as neighbouring house bedroom windows?

Should any decision have been made without getting the right information / clarification on the issue?


Clarification on the Weight of the Stanwick Neighbourhood Plan

The Stanwick Neighbourhood Plan has the same weighting of the Raunds Neighbourhood Plan on the Warth Park development – “little”


Concerns over the Size and Proportion of Warth Park to the Rest of the Town

Did you know that Warth Park will now be bigger than the main housing area of Raunds town?


Concerns Over the View and Light Pollution from Stanwick Lakes

Warth Park Impact to Views from Stanwick Lakes and would every Raunds household have been happy to pay a few quid to cover appeal costs?


Council Officer States Warth Park Development will NOT Take Character away from the natural landscape in Raunds


Clarification on Whether the New Warth Park Buildings will have the Bright White Band


Council Officer Responds to Concerns over Warth Park Wind Speeds and Tunneling.

This was never answered so the decision to approve this could prove to be a very bad one!


Raunds Town Council Confirm Surveys Reveal Over 90% of Residents Were Against Open Space Development at Warth Park Planning Meeting


Argument that National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) is not Met for Warth Park are Ignored

“Spectacularly fails on Sustainable”


Head of Planning Services Final Comments before Warth Park Planning Decision


How the Final Voting for Warth Park Phase 3 Development Planning Approval Went Down


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