Update on Park Behind Weighbridge Way

Since the original reported activity at the children’s park behind Weighbridge Way, there have been a few updates:

  • Police and Local Councils have been notified and we are currently waiting for police response
  • Council had instructed Kier to visit site who cleaned away some items. The dog bin was moved out of the stream and fixed firmly to a fence post
  • We have received information that this activity may be getting carried out by an older gentlemen described as wearing wellies and frequently spotted with a wheelbarrow
  • We understand that similar activity has been identified in other parts of Raunds, including down Hogs Dyke and fields on Thorpe Street

New activity (as pictured below) has since taken place by the offender this weekend:

  1. Dog Bin lid has been broken
  2. Fence Wire mesh has been damaged / removed in places
  3. The appearance of a new Keep Out sign within the park
  4. Remains of burnt paper

We hope that something will be done to stop this behavior, especially given the current school holiday period.

To see the original article and photos please click here


2 thoughts on “Update on Park Behind Weighbridge Way

  • 2nd April 2017 at 7:12 pm

    Just walked along London Road between Warth park roundabout and the cemetery,l feel that a few placed cameras strategically placed would maybe shame those that have thrown all that rubbish in to the hedges and the ditch,
    It is mainly Mc Donald’s rubbish but I’m not pointing the finger at them as they didn’t bring up the morons that have blighted our walkways
    Please people try to educate your kids to pick up their rubbish and if your an adult that’s thrown rubbish in any of our well kept verges and ditches, then you should be downright ashamed of yourself….


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