Channel 4 Sends Parents Back to Primary School in The Class Next Door

Primary school education has changed dramatically in recent years and in a new 3×60’ series for Channel 4 parents are going to experience what it’s like for their 11 year old kids as they go back to school in The Class Next Door.

For one half term a class of parents will study the same curriculum as their children, who will be in the classroom next door. They will have the same regime, don the school’s uniform, sit cross legged in assembly and do PE and recorder lessons as well as face the same discipline if they misbehave.

With greater pressure on primary school children to perform in SATs, the new education reforms and the rise of grammar school culture, there has never been more of a need for us to find out exactly what is expected of our children, and what sort of pressures they are under today.

The Class Next Door was commissioned by Channel 4 Education commissioning editor Emily Jones and will be made by Firecracker Scotland and will be Executive Produced by Creative Director of Firecracker Scotland, Elspeth O’Hare and Firecracker’s Chief Creative Officer Jes Wilkins.

Emily Jones said: “This is a playful idea which will appeal both to adults and children that has serious question at its heart. What is it really like being 11 today? And if you had the chance to do it again, what would you do differently?”

Jes Wilkins added: “I’m very excited about this new series both because it’s the first series to be produced out of our new Glasgow office and because it’s the kind of cracking cocktail of social purpose and warm hearted entertainment that we love to make.”

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