When Casual Sex Gets Too Weird

Channel 4 have released a new clip of their show ‘Gap Year’ captioned ‘When Casual Sex gets Too Weird’. The series shows Thursdays at 9pm.

The show is a comedy drama with best mates Dylan and Sean who set out to backpack through China, but end up taking on the whole continent

2 thoughts on “When Casual Sex Gets Too Weird

  • Chris Moreton
    3rd March 2017 at 12:44 am

    Admin – why are you continually posting crap like this recently? We’ve joined this group for news, issues & opinions about our town, Raunds. Not spam, not tv listings/reviews, or any of this other nonsense. Sort it out!

    • Raunds Town Voice
      3rd March 2017 at 8:57 am

      Hey Chris, thanks for the feedback. Thought I would try something new and expand the diversity of the website by bringing in wider press releases that local people may be interested in and grow the site further rather than restricting to just the world of Raunds. Will continue monitoring feedback and adjust content that is posted accordingly. Thanks again


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