Forty Year 6 Windmill Primary School Children Get Free Trip to the Frontier Centre for ‘Inspiration Day’

On Monday 20th February, all of the children in Year 6 at Windmill Primary School will be visiting the [Rock UK] Frontier Centre in Irthlingborough as part of their ‘Inspiration Day’.

The aim of the day is to work with children to understand how to be ready for secondary school. We will be sharing the key information about their upcoming SATs tests and the skills that will be needed: resilience, never giving up, tackling problems with confidence and always trying your best. We will be using this opportunity to help to develop a positive mind-set that will continue throughout this academic year.

Kirsty Durrheim, Assistant Principal, said, “We want to help the children feel special for the day by taking them out of school and into a different environment where they will work as a team to encourage and support one another even more so than usual. At the Frontier Centre, we will be taking part in indoor climbing and archery as well as a motivational talk led by Principal, Matt Coleman.”

“This experience costs approximately £20 per child but generously, Tri-Bond Roofing Ltd have offered to sponsor us, meaning that the 40 year 6 pupils who are attending will have no charge.

A massive thank you to Steve Singer, who has made this experience possible. Mrs Furnevall, a parent, has worked hard to raise money for a coach to take the children to the Frontier Centre and was successful in her quest thanks to some incredibly generous donations towards the cost. Thank you to Jill and all the parents that donated towards the cost of the coach.”

Year 6 pupil, Grace Stannard, says “It’s going to be exciting. I’m glad we’re going- it will be a great start to our new term!”

Year 6 pupil, Kamran Shivji, “We’re going to the Frontier Centre, which will help us to show lots of unity. This will help us with our SATs as we’ll be working as a team.”

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