Cat Accident – Is it yours?

Cat1This little cat was hit on the road towards Raunds/Stanwick. It is at Abington Vets Northampton at the moment on pain relief but needs X-Rays in the morning.


NANNA animal rescue on 07921 215049 or 01933 650372 have full details.


At the moment the account is at £216.90, then x-rays tomorrow will be another £200 (ish) If anyone would like to donate, could you please ring Abington direct on 01604 628685 and they will take donations straight off our account………


Petrina Alderman (NANNA)

One thought on “Cat Accident – Is it yours?

  • 22nd February 2014 at 3:55 pm

    The owners were found but sadly this little one’s injuries were too severe and had to be put to sleep :'( R.I.P. xx


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