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Amanda Roberts asks:

Has anyone local had the new street lighting installed ? A planned location of a streetlight is directly outside our house and I have concerns about the light streaming in. No one appeared to care when they switched the lights off and I had to carry a baby in my arms in the pitch black…

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One thought on “New Street Lighting Thoughts

  • 2nd February 2014 at 3:43 pm

    Out for a Sunday afternoon walk with the children, something a lot of people do. We as a family are a bit restricted as to where we can walk as my daughter is in a wheelchair. However you would think a stroll around our housing estate would not be too much of a challenge. For the most part we had to walk on the middle of the road, as usual . The reason being the amount of thoughtless and lazy people ( after all they have legs that work) who think it is alright to park on the pavement. With the additional obstacles provided by the street lighting work walking round the block this afternoon was pretty hazardous. Is it really ok that if you are a wheel chair user you cannot leave your house and go up the street? Is it too much to ask able bodied people be a bit more considerate? Or do they really just not care.

    Orwell Close resident.


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