Facebook Connect and Forum (Beta)

We are working quickly and have added a new feature to log in to the site using your Facebook account (or you can manually register if you would like).

Registering on the site allows you to interact with our forum which we have just launched in BETA mode to see if/how it gets used and what subjects you may actually want to display.

The forum won’t replace the existing ‘reposting’ of messages, but it allows a place for the type of content that we don’t think is always suitable for reposting (i.e. Looking for jobs etc).

You’ll find the Facebook connect button on the right hand side of the page, or if you are using your phone then you may need to scroll a little further down.

We’re eager to hear your feedback, and if the forum is useful, it will stay.  Let us know if you want any more categories added!

Raunds Town Voice Admin!

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